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Museum of Northwest Colorado
Allen, John
Allen, Mary Lou
Baker, Barbara
Baker, Bob
Beck, Ray
Bingham, Phyllis
Bittler, Gene
Calvin, Sarah
Clifton, Bonnie
Clifton, Don
Coles, David
 Cook, Betty
Counts, Gene
Davidson, Dan
Dunn, Harry
Durham, George
Gerber, Arloa
Gerber, Erv and Steve
Gilchrist, Beth
Grandbouche, Gordon
Griffith, David
Halpern, Edith
Hankins, Kristi
Haslem, Richard
Haslem, Sam
Hasler, Jim
Herschberg, Jim
Herschberg, Linda
Hough, Peggy
Hutton, Rose and Allen, John
Jones, Don
Knez, Cleo and Crow, Delores
Knez, Helen P.
Koucherick, Shannon
Koucherik, Edward
Laib, Don
Mack, Ina Faye
Magas, Bettina
Magas, Jerry
Maneotis, Tom
Martin, Barbara
Mathers, Tom
Meineke, Jim
Messing, Deanna
Moe, Frank and Kerry
Monger, Jerry
Murphy, Gene
Nicodemus, Bob
Norman, Gale
Norman, Lois
Osborn, Ginger
Penny, Si (family of)
Petrini, Dorothy “Dottie”
Pike, Dave
Pleasant, Pete
Rickerby, Gwen
Rinker, Jan
Rippy, Anna
Rippy, Bill
Shepherd, Albert
Snyder, Joan
Snyder, Melvin
Steele, Darryl
Stoddard, Chuck and Joann
Thompson, Robert, Sr
Van Dorn, Elizabeth
Villard, Bonnie
Visintainer, Dean
Waters, Ben
Wilkey, Chris and Maureen
Winslow, Terry
Oral Histories

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Museum of Northwest Colorado
590 Yampa Ave.
Craig, CO 81625
Phone: 970-824-6360

Open year round 
Monday thru Friday 9:00-5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00
Admission Free - Donations Gladly Accepted
Museum is wheelchair accessible