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Museum of Northwest Colorado
Local and Regional History

Crafted with careful research and with many new images never seen before, this latest book on Craig's early history is now available the museum book store.   Over 220  photographs and detailed text are included in this great new book, on sale for $21.95. 

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"Tales of the Old West Retold" by C. A. Stoddard.  This collection of stories garnered by a local editor in Northwestern Colorado highlights the rich past of this last American frontier.  Poring through musty newspapers, and interviewing many of the remaining pioneers from those early days, Stoddard compiled a significant vignette of life in the 1890s in Craig, Colorado and the surrounding area.  Skillfully edited by Dan Davidson, Janet VanDorn Gerber and Shannan Koucherik, the Museum of Northwest Colorado presents this new edition of Stoddard's tales and a glimpse into the area's early history.

Softbound             350 Pages with Photographs              $18.95

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"The Mantle Ranch - A Family's Joys and Sorrows in the Beautiful, Remote Yampa River Canyon"  by Queeda Mantle.  Queeda Mantle was born on a March day in 1933. In anticipation of her birth, her parents started by horseback out of the remote Yampa Canyon in Northwest Colorado. They were headed for Vernal, Utah, where the Mantles had friends with whom they could stay until the baby arrived. When they were 10 miles into the trip, Mrs. Mantle realized that her baby was on the way. Having no choice, they stopped at the ranch house of neighbors and the baby soon arrived. After a few days rest, the parents, now with a baby girl, returned to the ranch.
Queeda's parents were devoted to education. They built a school house and hired a teacher so that Queeda and her brothers got their first years of school. All of the children continued their education at schools in Colorado and Utah with Queeda graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1954.
In recent years, Queeda reviewed her mother's extensive notes and photo collection. Using these, she has given the reader a view of life in the Yampa Canyon, a life that was harsh, yet pleasant, isolated, yet with visits from friends and relatives, and educational in the broadest sense.
                             Softbound                 277 pages  with photographs                   $24.95
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"Last Ranch in Hells Canyon" by Queeda Mantle Walker.  The Last Ranch in Hells Canyon is a story of love and adventure. The Mantle Ranch was homesteaded in 1926 by newlyweds Charley and Evelyn Mantle. It was situated deep in the mysterious, isolated canyons of the Yampa River. It was so removed from civilization that there was no electricity, telephone, running water, nor even a road. Horses were used for everything. Educating their five children was the most challenging thing Charley and Evelyn Mantle faced, but their determination never faltered. When the five Mantle children were raised and educated Charley Mantle broke free from the burdens of the ranch. He had read of the great plains of Brasil, where a man could run more cattle than he could count on belly-deep grass and sweet waterholes, with none of winter's cold and snow. He tied up his saddle, bridle, and lariat rope together with a small valise, pulled down his hat, and boarded a plane for South America. His letters home of his adventures are a part of this book. Evelyn Mantle made a whole new life for herself off the ranch. The five Mantle children battled for their right to live the western life that was their heritage on the Mantle Ranch. Those battles even took them into the high Federal courts of America.
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"Riding the Edge of an Era - Growing Up Cowboy on the Outlaw Trail"
by Dianna Kouris.  
 "Dianna Kouris grew up in a tough family, pioneers in a remote valley touching Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, along the Green River....with photographs leading the reader through the stories, showing the high expectations and love that created responsible adults, the people, livestock, and land depended on one another, trusted one another, and reinforced one another"     Linda M Hassletrom (author).
                      Softbound                      252 pages with photographs          $17.95
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"Buster Brown and the Cowboy" by Richard Barker.  A heart-warming and poignant look at the life of a young boy, acting the dandy part of the comic character Buster Brown, all the while longing passionately for the life of a cowboy. Richard Barker spent six years traveling the country dressed in red velvet and sporting long golden tresses while he advertised for the Buster Brown Shoe Company.  From his perspective, the only bright spot in these dismal circumstances was the wonderful companionship of his dog, Tige.  In his own words, Dick Barker takes us on a journey that led him as a young boy from the lonely glitter of the advertising world to the remote and wildly beautiful country of southern Wyoming and northwestern Colorado.  His daughter, Barbara, adds her reminiscence about her father and the varied life he led in this charming glimpse back to a time very different from today, yet defined by personalities that are universal in time and place.  Edited by Janet VanDorn Gerber, Museum of NW Colorado, this story will enchant the reader and recall fond memories of that much-loved comic strip character, Buster Brown. 

                       Softbound       93 pages with photographs and illustrations     $14.95

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"Remembering Mt. Harris - A Collection of Memories About My Old Hometown"

by Chuck Mack

Chuck Mack lived most of his life in the Yampa Valley, having been born in the now-gone coal mining town of Mt. Harris.  His remininscences about the town, and indeed the whole valley, are sure to entertain and inform the reader. 


236 pages with photographs and illustrations     $19.95

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The Romantic and Notorious History of Brown's Park
by Diana Allen Kouris
Brown's Park, on the Green River lies partly in Utah and Colorado. It is astride the Old Outlaw Trail, which ran from Old Mexico and Arizona, through Wyoming, Montana, and into Alberta. Many outlaws passed through Brown's Park, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
OUT OF PRINT   Softbound     314 pages with photographs and illustrations  
From $9.95 as available
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"The Arbuckle Cafe  -  Classic Cowboy Stories"  by Val FitzPatrick.  With the coming of the railroads, the American cowboy's job changed drastically, as the great trail herds became a thing of the past. Many cowboys faded into history, but some discovered "the last frontier," a place in northwest Colorado and northeast Utah that still prized their skills. Ora Haley, owner of the vast Two-Bar Ranch and Cattle Company, was the last of the Cattle Kings, and this was his domain.

Val FitzPatrick's family homesteaded in this region, and Val became a rider for the Two-Bar at the age of 14. In later years, Val wrote many accounts of his life, and "The Arbuckle Cafe" is a collection of the best of his stories, all classic and authentic insights of what life on the range was really like. These stories are entertaining glimpses into lives as honest as a well-looped riata, lives that vacillated between adventure and boredom, the lives of the real cowpunchers.

                                 Softbound         243 pages      ON SALE for $9.95

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"Red Twilight - The Last Free Days of the Ute Indians"  by Val Fitzpatrick.  As a child, Val FitzPatrick often saw the displaced Utes ride by in the twilight, returning to their forbidden homelands for the traditional autumn hunt. Val’s family was one of the first to homestead Ute lands, and his account of the Northern Ute removal is told from the unique perspective of one who knew and respected these displaced people. “Red Twilight” also recalls the experiences of Val’s fellow pioneers in northwest Colorado in the late 1800s.   Softbound  270 pages  ON SALE  $9.95


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"The Ozark Clan of Elkhead Creek - Memories of Early Life in Northwest Colorado"

by Irby H. Miller

Miller recounts life through the eyes of an Ozark boy in northwest Colorado in the 1920s - an era now vanished like the tumbleweed blowing in the tempest of an early Colorado ground blizzard.

                         Softbound      322 pages with photographs       ON SALE  $9.95

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"One Hundred Years of Brown's Park and Diamond Mountain" 

by Dick and Daun DeJournette

A comprehensive look at the history and people of this remote area in Northwestern Colorado and Eastern Utah.  

                        OUT OF PRINT      Softbound     470 pages     

 Priced from $55.00 as available

Meet the fur-clad titans of the American frontier.
The mountain men were the trappers of the Rocky Mountain fur trade in the years following Lewis and Clark’s Expedition of 1804-1806. With their bold journeys peaking during the period of 1830-1840, they were the first white men to enter the vast wilderness reaches of the Rockies in search of beaver “plews,” as the skins were called. They feasted on abundant buffalo, elk, and other game while living the ultimate free-spirited wilderness life—and they often paid the ultimate price for their ventures under the arrows, tomahawks, and knives of those native Americans whose lands they had entered.

Tales of the Mountain Men gathers our nation’s finest mountain man writing into one riveting volume. Here you’ll find excerpts of nonfiction classics such as Bernard DeVoto’s Across the Wide Missouri, as well as selections from such acclaimed novels as A. B. Guthrie Jr.’s The Big Sky. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a history buff, you’re going to love—and learn from—this amazing collection of long-forgotten lore.       Paperback   300 pages    $18.95

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