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Museum of Northwest Colorado
Cowboy and Western Titles
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Packing Iron by Richard C. Rattenbury

Winner of the 1994 Western Writers of Amercia Spur Award, this edition is organized with more than 300 exceptional photographs and 100 historical images, and is a handsome book creating a portrait of the Western frontier heritage. Out of Print - Call for availability! 

Hardcover     216 pages     Fully illustrated with color photographs and images      

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Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles by Bill Mackin


Bill Mackin, leading authority on Western collectibles and cowboy gear, is the author of this book which features photographs and descriptions of various cowboy and gunfighter gear. Mackin was the owner of the Cowboy and Gunfighter Collection which is now owned, and on display in its entirety, at the museum.                        Signed by the Author


Softcover     178 pages     Out of Print -  Priced from $25.00 up, based on availability


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"Arena Legacy"  by Richard C. Rattenbury

From its roots in cowboy and vaquero culture to the big-business excitement of today s National Finals competitions, rodeo has embodied the rugged individual-ism and competitive spirit of the American West. Now the long trajectory of rodeo culture comes fully alive in Arena Legacy. Showcasing the unrivaled collections of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, this lavishly illustrated volume is the first to depict rodeo s material and graphic heritage. Richard Rattenbury opens Arena Legacy with an engaging and richly illustrated history of rodeo, from its first recorded competition in Colorado in 1869, to its role in county fairs, cattlemen s conventions, and old settlers reunions across the West, to its rise to national prominence between 1920 and 1960.
Following its historical overview, Arena Legacy features an extensive pictorial gallery of signature materials. A series of colorful portfolios reveals treasured artifacts from rodeo life, including costumes, trophies, buckles, and riding equipment. Here the reader will discover lavish artistry in leather and silver, flamboyant expression in western dress, and the interpretive work of both fine artists and commercial illustrators.
Certain to delight a diverse audience of rodeo aficionados, participants, collectors, and historians, this stunning volume is a fitting tribute to America's truly western sport.

                                                  Hardbound                415 pages       $65.00

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The Cowboy Hat by William Reynolds and Ritch Rand

This revised edition shows how the cowboy hat has evolved past the early form-follows-function designs and into the world of fashion. Still, style is as style does, and the cowboy hat in all of its newer incarnations must function as it did when John B. Stetson hand-formed the first rough "Boss of the Plains" over an open fire. Beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Softcover              112 pages                         $19.95

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The Cowboy Encyclopedia by Richard W. Slatta

Rated as a 'Best Reference Book' by the American Library Association," The Cowboy Encyclopedia" has over 450 broad-ranging entries. It is an informative, comprehensive, and entertaining reference to the history and culture of cowboys.

Softcover             476 pages with photographs and historical images               $17.00

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Western Fences Photography by David R. Stoecklein

A photographic documentation of fences throughout the West, this remarkable book offers a comprehensive look at the fence in all of its traditional forms and eclectic variations. Each of Stoecklein's images are an artpiece in themselves, but also record the enduring symbol of the hard work and perseverance of working cowboys and cowgirls throughout the region.

Hardcover with dustjacket       167 pages              $35.00

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Cowboys & The Trappings of the Old West by Williams Mann and Elizabeth Clair

A pictorial celebration of the old time buckaroo. This exceptional book presents his saddles, chaps, spurs, and other tools of the trade in a comprehensive tribute to the makers. Lavishly illustrated with over 550 color photos, the chapters also feature wild west shows, Hollywood, and ranching life.    Check for availability!

Hardcover with dust jacket           224 pages              $45.00

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"Cowboy Culture - The Last Frontier of American Antiques"  by Michael Friedman

This comprehensive book features the artful objects of the Old West, the antiques and collectibles that, like a fine painting, give us an understanding of the decorative arts of the period and a sense of the  people who created them.  Fantastic saddles, spurs, boots, hats, Gold Rush jewelry, guns, photographs, advertising, gambling and saloon objects are presented in over 700 clear phtoographs of over 1,000 items. 

Hardcover with dust jacket    300 pages     $79.95

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"Cowboying - A Tough Job in a Hard Land"  by James H. Beckstead

Beckstead has pulled together a stunning collection of rare photographs from the heyday of the American cowboy, many published here for the first time.  Through written research, personal interviews and photographs, he brings to life the fascinating and colorful cowboy culture.

Softcover      283 pages        Photographs, illustrations and text      $45.00

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"Cowboy Values - Recapturing What America Once Stood For"  by James P. Owen

With text and amazing images by many acclaimed photographers, this book reminds the reader that Americans are known for being optimistic, but it doesn't take a cynic to see that America is seriously off-track.  The author maintains that it is not too late for America to get back on track, by taking another look at qualities that made America great. 

Hardcover       102 pages         $30.00

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"Cowboy Wisdom"  by David W. Stevenson

              'What the World Can Learn from the Wit and Wisdom of the West'

With delightful photography, and the gentle wit and sharp observations gleaned from the cowboy, Stevenson presents his work with text and singularly beautiful images. 

Softbound       93 pages       $25.00

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"A Cowboy Christmas" by Tom Van Dyke

Praise for A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale

            This little jewel of a story is not just for Christmas,

                   but a reminder of what truly comprises the good in life every day of the year.

“Tom Van Dyke tells a rousing tale of a young man learning how to cowboy and finding the girl of his dreams. I’ve written a good 40 western stories but learned a lot from Tom’s book. It’s good and it moves!”

“INSPIRING. A Cowboy Christmas reveals the true American West but goes even further. A man and woman who refuse to let a soaring relationship disappear is a sign of life on earth at its best.”
—MICHAEL BLAKE, Author of Dances With Wolves

Softcover               112 pages               Autographed by author                   $18.95

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"Buermann 'Star Brand' Illustrated Catalogue"  Reprint of original 1922 edition 

Excellent resource for identification of old spurs, bits, stirrups, chains and buckles.   Hundreds of clear illustrations and descriptions. 

Softcover        170 pages      $20.00

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"Pulling Leather" - 'The Early Recollections of a Cowboy on the Wyoming Range, 1884-1889' 

                              by Reuben B. Mullins

Round-ups, trail drives, a lynching, mail order romances, blacksmithing, Indians, the Blizzard of 1885-86, bunkhouse humor, Calamity Jane, cattle barons - Reuben Mullins experienced the West as it will never be again! 

His account languished in archival collections until now, 125 years after he rode the open range.  

                                   Softbound        219 pages        $14.95

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Cowboy Humor by Stu Campbell

The bookstore carries a collection of Stu Campbell's popular books with their gentle humor, and the great illustrations by R. Loren Schmidt.  Among the titles in stock are:

"Humor Around Horses"    "Comedy Around the Corral"

"Horsing Around A Lot"     "Horsin' Around Dudes"

"More Humor Around Horses"               

All titles are Softbound              

Page count varies between 105 to 160          

Priced from $14.95

Fragile Treaties
Fragile Treaties

Through the eyes of four very different people, Fragile Treaties tells the story of the forced exodus of the Ute Indians from Colorado. Fragile Treaties is about promises made and broken. It is about betrayal, greed and deceit. But finally, it is about forgiveness and the bond that looks past shortcomings and differences to transform the soul.  Compelling story based on the 1870s removal of Colorado's Western slope Ute tribes to the barren eastern Utah lands.  Softbound  $12.95  330 pages

Troubled Trails by Robert Silbernagel
Troubled Trails by Robert Silbernagel

When U.S. Cavalry troops rode onto the Ute Indian Reservation in northwestern Colorado on September 29, 1879, they triggered a chain of events that cost the Utes their homeland: a deadly battle at Milk Creek, the killing of all men at the Indian agency headed by Nathan Meeker, and the taking of three women and two children who were held hostage for 23 days. The Utes didn’t seek a fight with the whites, most of whom they viewed as friends. However, powerful whites in Colorado wanted the Utes expelled. The Meeker affair was an opportunity to achieve that.  Softbound 253 pages    $24.95

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