28 – 10,000 Year Old Bison Skull With Human Cut Marks!

By Museum of Northwest Colorado

This fossilized bison skull was found in Moffat County, Colorado at the base of a known “buffalo jump” along with several other specimens. A buffalo jump is a cliff formation which Native Americans would run bison and other game off the edge. Below would be a group of men and women awaiting the injured and dead game to then be butchered.
Since being donated to the museum a few years ago, the skull has been studied by a professional who determined that it displayed several butchering marks made by prehistoric humans at the time of the animals death. This becomes even more exciting when realizing that the skull has been carbon-dated by the Smithsonian Institution to roughly 10,000 years old!
That would place this bison in the same ballpark as when mammoths were still roaming the area. In fact, mammoth fossils have also been found throughout NW Colorado including the immediate areas of Steamboat Springs and Craig. Some of them are currently on display in the museum as well.